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High Rise And Other Games!

I've made some games!

High Rise is a puzzle-platformer made in 48 hours for the GTMK Game Jam 2019 by a talented team of four I assembled. You play as a one armed cyborg, climbing skyscrapers to steal a second arm for yourself.

Text Hacker is an anagram-based hacking game. Break into local, national, and international organizations that totally aren't the Illuminati!

The Futurist manifesto

Expected Publication in April 2020, by New Degree Press

Industrial revolutions are nothing new, nor are the vast displacements of workers, jobs, and livelihoods by emerging technology.


The Futurist Manifesto explores the past, present, and future of work, how employment and society have been changed by technological advancement, and how we could learn from the past and make sure no one is left behind.